Sanibel Island Florida

Sanibel Island Beaches

Causeway beach

beach Amenities; Free parking, dogs allowed on leash only, restrooms, picnic tables, launching of motorized vessels, alcoholic beverages and open fires.

These beaches are on the manmade islands that support the roads and bridges across Pine Island Sound to Sanibel Island. No parking fee, Public beach located along both sides of the road. Pull your vehicle right up to the water and enjoy fishing, wading, swimming, picnicking, canoeing, kayaking, wind surfing, kite boarding, shelling, sun bathing or just plain relaxing.

Causeway island park

19500 sanibel causeway
sanibel, fL 33957


Information guide for Causeway Beach on Sanibel Island Florida
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lighthouse beach & fishing pier

Information guide for Lighthouse Beach and Fishing Pier on Sanibel Island Florida

beach Amenities; Restrooms & outside showers, dogs allowed on leash only, picnic areas, shaded pavilion, picnic tables, barbecue grills, fishing pier, bike rack, shell information kiosk, 153 parking spaces. 

One of the busiest beaches on the island located at the very end of Periwinkle Way, Is a scenic 32 acre park and 132 year old functioning lighthouse located on the tip of the island. This lighthouse is not open to the public but you can still get close enough for some really nice pictures. You can also fish the pier, beachcomb for treasures, Swim,  Take the Boardwalk or a nature trail. Very calm shallow water.

lighthouse beach park

112 periwinkle way
sanibel, fL 33957


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gulfside beach

Beach Amenities; bike racks, drinking fountains, outside showers, restrooms, picnic areas, shade pavilion, barbecue grills, 47 parking spaces.

This beach is located off Casa Ybel Road midsection of Island.

Gulfside Beach

2001 algiers lane


Information guide for sanibel island beaches Gulfside Beach Sanibel Island
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bowman's beach

Information Guide for Bowman's Beach Sanibel Island

Beach Amenities; outsidechanging rooms, drinking fountain and soda machine, restrooms and outside showers, barbecue grills, shade pavilion and picnic areas, playground, kayak launch, shell kiosk, fitness trail, 218 parking spaces.

Bowman's Beach

1700 bowman's beach road


This beach is located off Bowman's Beach Road - West end of island.

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tarpon bay beach

Information guide for Tarpon Bay Beach on Sanibel Island

Beach Amenities; Bike Racks, Drinking Fountains, Outside Showers, Restrooms, Picnic Areas, 153 Parking Spaces.

 Located at the end of Tarpon Bay Road at the midsection of the island. This beach offers easy parking for recreational vehicles, and a short hike from the parking lot to the beach. 

Tarpon Bay Beach

111 tarpon bay road


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blind pass beach

Information guide for Blind Pass Beach Sanibel Island

Beach Amenities; 28 parking spaces.

This beach is located on the Sanibel side of Blind Pass Bridge and is known to be popular for fisherman and shellers.  Swimming is not recommended and signs warn of the swift currents. (Located off Sanibel-Captiva Road - West end of Island) (City Owned and Maintained)

Blindpass Beach

6497 sanibel-captiva road


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captiva island beaches

Turner beach

information guide for Turner Beach Sanibel Island florida information guide

Beach Amenities; restrooms, outside showers, drinking fountain, 28 parking spaces.

 This beach is located just past the bridge to Captiva. Turner Beach is a favorite for watching sunsets. Pets are not allowed on Captiva Beaches. Swimming is not recommended and signs warn of the swift currents. 

Turner beach

17200 captiva drive


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alison hagerup beach 

Beach Amenities; no restrooms, parking limited.

alison hagerup beach - captiva beach

14790 captiva drive
captiva, FL 33924


Information guide for Captiva Beach Alison Hagerup Beach

Located at the end of Sanibel-Captiva Road. This is a beautiful beach to hang out and watch the sunset. Very limited parking and porta-potty's located in the parking lot near the beach access.

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