Sanibel Island Florida

About Sanibel Island

Sanibel is one of the few barrier islands with an east-west orientation: most are north-south. Hence, the island is gifted with great sandy beaches, facing due south and south west for 17 miles along the Gulf of Mexico. The beaches are not groomed: nature is allowed to roam freely along them and hence the abundance of bird and other wildlife: of shore line vegetation and the small creatures for whom this is their natural habitat. Up to 200 yards wide at low tide, the beaches also offer unrivalled space for families, walkers and fishermen to enjoy a climate that welcomes them to the pleasures of sun, sand and sea throughout the year.

Causeway Bridge Sanibel Island Florida

Causeway bridge, Sanibel Island

Toll Charges for Sanibel Island
There is a toll charge when coming on to Sanibel Island via the Causeway Bridge. The bridge toll to Sanibel is $6 for cars, $2 for motorcycles and for larger vehicles, the fee is calculated at $3 per axle. However, cyclists staying in Fort Myers may prefer to ride the Causeway bridges rather than pay Sanibel's toll charge and parking rates. Bikes are definitely allowed on the bridges.  and free for bicycles. There is no toll when leaving the island.