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Florida's Sanibel Island is a visitor's guide with tourism information for Sanibel Island, Florida. Discover the best hotels, resorts, restaurants, live music and events, marinas, beaches, places to visit, shelling, beachcombing, wildlife, and things to do on Sanibel Island.

Visitors Guide to Sanibel Island

Sanibel Island is a beautfiul tropical island in the Gulf of Mexico on Florida's west coast surrounded with white sandy beaches and the perfect combination of salt water and fresh water making Sanibel Island a nature lovers a playground in paradise. The shallow waters, surrounding mangrove islands and mild tempatures offer the perfect habitat for wildlife including manatee, sea turtles, large game fish, dolphin and migrating birds. More than half of the island has been set aside to protect wildlife migrating to Sanibel Island. To the delight of beachcombers, conditions unique only to Sanibel Island including the location of the island and the currents that circumnavigate the island, provide perfect conditions for beautiful seashells to be deposited daily onto Sanibel Island beaches which is why Sanibel Island earned it's title, "Seashell Capital of the World" and rightfully so! With teaming wildlife and the Gulf of Mexico as a backdrop to the beautiful waters and beaches of this lush, tropical island, there is plenty places to visit and attractions for visitors! Sanibel Island residences and business owners will help to make your visit to Sanibel Island memoriable. If it's water related you can be assured there's a local business owner here that will provide you with experiences and knowledge only fulltime residences and business owners can provide. They will show you exactly why they love living here with a wide array of attractions for fun for the whole family! Eco Tours, boat tours, fishing charters,  museums or you can enjoy a couple rounds of golf at one of the lush golf courses Sanibel has to offer. Sanibel Island's calm waters, mangroves, artifical reefs and shipwrecks provide some of the best scuba diving and snorkeling, kayaking, fishing and paddleboarding.  or maybe you just want to lay around and visit a few bars or waterfront restaurants.  Sanibel and Captiva have many choices and life is short so do what makes you smile!! 

Whether you are looking for a hotel, bed & breakfast, vacation rental or resort this island has a lot to offer!!!